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* Enhancing existing abilities & realising human potential
* Designing & developing interaction with people, technology & the environment
* Improving current practices & implementing innovative ideas into practice


In the process of exploring human potential, discover & implement effective ways of interacting with each other, technology & the world around us.  Achieve balance between work & home. Create happier environment to live & work. Improve quality of life.


* Psychology & Cognition
* Human Factors (HF) & Cognitive Engineering (CE)
* Interface Design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) & Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
* Human-Robot Interface Design, Human-Robot Collaboration & Intuitive Haptic Interface Design
* Problem-Solving


Dr Iya Whiteley, MClinPsy, PhD, MRAeS

  Dr Iya Whiteley (portrait)

Director of IACE (Intelligent Action & Creative Energy) Ltd, an Associate at the Centre for at the Defence Academy Cranfield University and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bath. Iya is at the forefront of applied research, developing methods to explore and realise human potential. Iya is developing and designing interaction with people, technology and the environment to improve quality of life. 


Iya recently went through the Astronaut Instructors training course at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC). At EAC Iya worked as a Human Behaviour Performance Specialist and contributed to the development of the Human Behaviour Performance course for the new European Astronaut corp. Iya lead and continuing to support ESA funded project, Expert Tool to Support Crew Autonomous Operations in Complex Human Spacecraft. She directed ESA Study on the development of Technology and Techniques for Psychological Support of the crew during exploration missions to the Moon and Mars.

Iya also was a part of an International Technology Alliance (ITA) in Network and Information Science US-UK collaboration team, developing tools that will help overcome linguistic and cultural miscommunication in a military coalition environment. Iya’s research and development expertise also extent into the design of Humanoid Robots and development of Human-Robot Interactions applied design concepts that can enhance human abilities and allow operation in otherwise novel and extreme environment.

Brief Professional Background:

Iya is a broadly qualified Human Computer Interaction and Cognitive System Engineer with over 12 years experience in the aerospace domain and background in Clinical Psychology, Multicultural Crew selection, Interface and Cockpit Design. At the Marshall Aerospace Design Office she composed and applied practical Cognitive Engineering training programs for all levels of Engineers, and oversaw Human Machine Interface issues in the conversion modifications of a C130H Hercules aircraft into a modern glass cockpit design. Iya’s PhD, University of Bath, Computer Science Department, lead to development of a method to design a modern aircraft cockpit as a coherent, intuitive and fully integrated information workspace. She adapted a unique method of studying operators’ information demand and information processing strategies in a real-world operating environment to understand pilots’ cognitive processes and to inform intuitive display design. At Emirates Airlines, Iya conducted psychometric evaluation during the recruitment process of aircrew from over 70 nationalities. Iya attended Airbus 320 pilot conversion courses from conventional to glass cockpit aircraft and gained knowledge of modern aircrafts through computer based training on Boeing 777 and Hercules C130J.

Iya is a on Steering committee for Space Psychology and Human-Machine Systems group on THESEUS program representing UK ("Towards Human Exploration of Space: A EUropean Strategy"), funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme - (FP7) to develop integrated life science research roadmap.  Iya is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the UK Space Biomedicine Association the Association of Aviation Psychologists, the Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments and of the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety. Iya is on the team of an ESA Research Topical Team, investigating Psychosocial and Neurobehavioural Aspects of Human Spaceflight. She also a trained pilot, rescue scuba diver and a skydiver.

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